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Founding Voices: Why a Shared Vision is Essential

Why a Shared Vision is Essential

Founders need capital, and it’s easy to think of the fundraising as a whirlwind of pitch decks and financial statements. But it can be so much more than that. An investment is an opportunity to find an idea partner who believes in your mission and takes an active role in helping you achieve it.


“It’s super valuable to have investors who suggest bold bets themselves and commit to supporting them.”

Co-founder and CEO, Mammoth Biosciences

The right partner brings a keen understanding of the market and a deep network of contacts. But more importantly, they buy into your mission and the impact you’re trying to make.

This ideological alignment is why a good partner/investor encourages you to dream bigger and push harder. More than that, it means they’ll help you traverse the uncertainties of doing something difficult and new.

“If I look at my job, it’s more like that of a coach,” says Ursheet Parikh, Mayfield investor and Trevor’s longtime mentor. “Entrepreneurs are like elite athletes. When an elite athlete is able to connect with the right coach, then you can go on to win the championship.”

Trevor and Ursheet connected over a shared belief in the immense potential of CRISPR technologies. Their partnership kickstarted a series of events including joining forces with co-founders Jennifer Doudna, Janice Chen and Lucas Harrington; a Mayfield-led $23M Series A; partnerships with leading healthcare and biotech giants; and contracts with DARPA and the NIH.

“I feel inspired and blessed to be supporting the mission of the stellar team at Mammoth and to have helped bring the team together at the company’s inception,” says Parikh.

Ursheet Parikh


Human & Planetary Health, Enterprise

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