“Software remains the fastest way to build large companies for global impact, and combining software with the advances in engineering biology will create a whole new class of trillion dollar companies.”

Ursheet invests in Infrastructure Software and co-leads Mayfield’s Engineering Biology investment practice.

His investments in the enterprise sector include include Versa Networks (Security and SD-WAN), ShiftLeft (Application Security), Rancher Labs (Cloud Computing platform acquired by SUSE), CloudGenix (SD-WAN platform acquired by Palo Alto Networks) and Netsil (Application Observability platform acquired by Nutanix).

Ursheet’s investments in engineering biology and healthcare include Mammoth Biosciences (CRISPR), Mission Bio (Single Cell Sequencing, Oncology), Qventus (Healthcare AI), Endpoint Health (Critical hospital care), Nēsos (Immunology, Neurology) and an unannounced company in precision diagnostics for maternal and fetal health in Healthcare & Engineering Biology.

Prior to Mayfield, Ursheet had an operating career as a proven repeat entrepreneur and executive at Cisco and Microsoft. Ursheet was co-founder & CEO of StorSimple – the leading cloud-integrated storage company that was acquired by Microsoft in 2012.

Ursheet holds an MBA from the Wharton School and a Bachelors in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, from which he received the Young Alumni Achiever award in 2015.

Ursheet is passionate about accelerating healthcare innovation and transforming college education where his family foundation is focused.



2015 Young Alumni Achiever Award




Acquired by Microsoft

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Acquired by Palo Alto Networks

Acquired by Nutanix

Acquired by SUSE

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