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Partnering with DuploCloud to Deliver DevSecOps-as-a-Service for Developers

DuploCloud founders and logo against a light green background.

As the cloud-first world has gone mainstream, skilled developers, especially DevOps engineers, have become an increasingly scarce resource, and engineering leaders within companies tasked with delivering cloud-first, security compliant applications are frustrated.  

No-code/Low-code is a trend that has been growing to address the talent shortage problem. We are proud to lead the $15 million Series A in DuploCloud, an integrated no-code/low-code cloud automation, security and compliance platform helping companies rapidly deliver delightful and secure cloud applications. By delivering the product as a DevSecOps-as-a-service, DuploCloud is easy-to-use and leads to faster deployment, while allowing companies to re-allocate developers to focus on creating new applications.  

Venkat, DuploCloud founder and CEO, saw the problem as an early engineer in the Microsoft Azure group. When we met them, we were impressed by their customer traction, with 50+ customers and 270% year on year growth.  We were also struck by the measurable impact of their products, with customers attesting to launching apps 6 months ahead of schedule, delivering 25 services in a month, and the ability to implement 100s of infrastructure and security changes with no DevOps engineers. And all this with apps that quickly meet security and compliance requirements.

We are looking forward to watching the team deliver on their vision to empower developers to create delightful, secure, and compliant cloud-first applications.

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