Kamini Ramani’s mission is to deliver on the Mayfield brand promise to entrepreneurs and to provide a range of support to portfolio companies. She loves crafting memorable narratives that combine the magic of an entrepreneur’s bold vision, an unmet customer need, and a delightful product. She is a fangirl of entrepreneurs everywhere and amplifies the impact of the Mayfield portfolio directly or by matching companies with her ninja network of superb marketing professionals. Some highlights of her Mayfield experience include bringing improv comedians to run a messaging workshop for an enterprise company, taking the right story angle for a deeptech private start-up to a respected reporter at the Wall Street Journal, and working closely with the Mayfield team to unleash their POVs.

Prior to Mayfield, she was a messaging and corporate communications counselor to the leaders of emerging and established technology companies in Silicon Valley for three decades. These included companies from the client-server and internet waves, with a highlight of providing public relations counsel to Steve Jobs at NeXT in 1995.

She holds a Masters in Communications from Stanford University, a Masters in English Literature from Yale University, and a Bachelors in English Literature from Bombay University.




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