We invest in long-term relationships and support entrepreneurs through all the ups and downs of a startup.

It’s often the founders who don’t come out of central casting that have the grit necessary to succeed against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Almost no one comes into the job with all the skills and experience they need. We coach founders, and we look for entrepreneurs who have the passion for personal and professional growth. As an example, we operate Mayfield as a continuous-learning organization that keeps reinventing itself.

There are lots of ups and downs in the life of a company. We stand by our founders when times get tough.

Radical candor isn’t always popular but it’s often what’s needed. We believe in being direct and honest with founders at every opportunity.

We love the big crazy idea, the orthogonal approach, the outsider who dares to reinvent an industry or create a whole new one. And when it comes time to build and scale those businesses, we believe our experience helping hundreds of companies achieve IPOs and acquisitions is critical.

Our whole firm is available to help founders succeed, no matter who leads a deal. We put our full weight behind all of our companies, because we believe that a group of people pulling in the same direction can achieve great things.