Great entrepreneurs love working with us because our purpose is not only financial: we invest deeply in a long-term relationship with founders and support them through all the ups and downs of a startup.

In a time of unprecedented innovation, we value our role in directing limited resources towards only the most promising and impactful new opportunities. When we do our jobs right, we help entrepreneurs create massive positive ripple effects and impact millions of lives.

Like the world’s best companies, the most amazing founders are outliers, whether it’s their outlook on life, their accomplishments, or their interests. We don’t shy away from backing folks who don’t come out of central casting — they often have the grit necessary to create the next great company against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Our industry valorizes great founders for their successes, but almost no one comes into the job with all the skills and experience they need. We believe that many great CEOs are made, not born. We coach founders as they evolve as leaders, and we look for entrepreneurs who have the passion for personal and professional growth required for success.

There are lots of ups and downs in the life of a company. It’s not all joy. We stand by our founders when times get tough. If anything, that’s when our experience and our values are best on display.

Radical candor isn’t always popular but it’s often what’s needed to help entrepreneurs build great companies. We believe in being direct and honest with founders at every opportunity.

We love the big crazy idea, the orthogonal approach, the outsider who dares to reinvent an industry or create a whole new one. And when it comes time to build and scale those businesses, we believe our experience helping hundreds of companies achieve IPOs and acquisitions is critical.

No one here had it easy. We manifest and celebrate the “immigrant DNA” that compels founders to take big risks and surmount huge challenges. We are relentless in our desire to be the best at what we do and we don’t take anything for granted.

We hold ourselves to the same high standards that founders expect of themselves. We are steadfast in our focus on self-improvement, constantly refining our deal process, building on our successes, and learning from our failures. And we are among the few VC firms to truly align its interests with our Limited Partners, because unlike most firms, we stick to a budget. Like our founders, we work for the upside.

We are a small, focused team of experienced investors and operators, where the whole firm is available to help founders succeed. As a firm we put our full weight behind all of our companies, because we believe that a group of people pulling in the same direction can achieve great things.