“I partner with B2C entrepreneurs to empower Individuals through storytelling, self-expression and purpose, and then boost collective thriving through networks, marketplaces, cohorts and communities to build authentic connections. I believe great founders and startups can help foster deeper healing and reconnection – starting with self (Me), to those around us (We), and then the broader ecosystem and planet (All).”

Tim focuses on consumer investments. Tim’s venture capital experience includes leading investments at Norwest Venture Partners and Gabriel Venture Partners. His operational experience includes working in product management and engineering across Asia for Gateway, Inc., and General Motors. Tim holds an MBA with honors from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and an MS and BS in Electrical Engineering/System Engineering from the University of Michigan. Tim is an accomplished musician, a reformed biohacker, and passionate about Body/Mind/Spirit wellness. He serves on the non-profit boards of Reimagine Death, and Gray Area Arts.




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Permaculture principles as clues to Capitalism 2.0 (PermaCapital, Inclusive & Longterm Stakeholding, Stakeholder vs. Shareholder primacy).

Re-villaging, intentional communities, the new Hero’s Journey of Heal-Play-Serve.

Graphic novels, ecotopian CliFi, the evolution of boardgames, tech-augmented immersive & experiential art.


Acquired by Oracle | Partnered Early

Partnered Early

Acquired by Intel | Partnered at Inception

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Partnered at Inception


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