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Mayfield’s Annual Return to Work & IT Priorities Report 2021-2022

The last two years have been monumental in terms of the impact current events had on modern business. Global CIOs have been driving innovation and next-gen adoption at a never-before-seen rate, but as COVID-19 continues to linger, questions around hybrid work models, employee experience, and long-term productivity have arisen.

Going into 2022, as we do every year, we wanted to get input from our CXO Innovation Network on these challenges and more. This year we’ve learned from over 150 organizations on how they’re
thinking about return to work, new models of leadership, and top tech priorities. is made up of 1,000+ CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, VPs, and Heads of Innovation
from around the globe.

We at Mayfield are constantly trying to improve how we can deliver emerging ideas and best practices from your peers directly to you. As investors we see thousands of new business plans each year, while your teams are constantly driving internal improvements to your business. You need innovative ideas to accelerate impact, and that’s where we come in. Our goal is to be an effective innovation bridge. We learn from your input and simultaneously hope that we’ve gathered feedback in a way that is useful to your team in 2022 and beyond:

We hope this can serve as a guide with learnings on how to engage with your teams, as well as what others in the community are thinking in terms of budget, priorities, and gaps.

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