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Introducing the 2021 Mayfield Summer Fellows

One year ago, we announced our Access for All initiative, in which we set out to invest in relationships to facilitate diversity and inclusion. Since then, we’ve made progress on our goals, pledging 1% of our yearly management fee and carry and partnering with community organizations like All Raise, Him For Her, and Neythri to support female founders and funders, place women on private boards, and more. 

A key highlight of our Access for All initiative is the Mayfield Summer Fellows program. We partnered with Code2040 and College Track to create career-accelerating opportunities for URM interns at some of our portfolio companies. 

Today I’m excited to introduce our 7 fellows. Their academic backgrounds range from Applied Mathematics and Computer Science to Literature and Psychology, and they’ll be supporting Couchbase, InfluxData, Poshmark and Outreach in a variety of roles. Please join me in welcoming the 2021 Mayfield Summer Fellows, and learn a bit more about them below.

Bryant Barahona

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

University & Major: San Francisco State University ‘22, Business Marketing

Internship: Sales Operations Intern, Outreach

“Something that I am very excited about this internship is learning more about myself and gaining experience from all the talented people in the Outreach community. I’m the first in my family to attend college and hopefully be the first to also graduate college.”


Samara Benjamin

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

University & Major: Delaware State University ‘23, Psychology

Internship: Learning & Development Intern, Outreach

I am looking forward to building workplace relationships and having a chance to apply my academic knowledge to my field of work. I am also excited for future collaborations and projects with my peers. Outreach has made me feel safe and welcomed as an incoming team member. One fun fact about myself is I have 10 skateboards!”


Arianna Cooper

Hometown: Modesto, CA

University & Major: California Polytechnic University Pomona ‘22, Applied Mathematics/Statistics

Internship: Cloud Engineering Intern, Couchbase

Since interning for Couchbase will be my first internship, I’m super eager to learn, grow, and better develop my professional work skills. But I’m definitely most excited to get to experience the work flow of what a Cloud Engineer does, especially since I’ve always been intrigued by Cloud computing! A fun fact about me is I used to run for my University’s Track and Field Team (400 hurdles).


Victor Montano

Internship: Software Engineer Intern, Android, Poshmark


Emily San Juan

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

University & Major: San Diego State University ‘22, Business Accounting

Internship: Growth Marketing Intern, Poshmark

During this internship, I’m most excited to be learning about all aspects of a marketing position. I’m not too sure which specific career path I will want to take in the future, but I’m hoping this internship will give me an idea as to which direction I would like to go in. My first internship was at Salesforce at the age of 15. At that internship, my position was a data analyst intern, and I helped my team create an app for its employees. That internship is what sparked my interest to learn more about business!


Brandii Warden

Hometown: Roseville, CA

University & Major: UC Berkeley ‘23, Computer Science

Internship: Software Engineering Intern, InfluxData

“I’m most excited to build my technical skills and meet great people! I’m also looking forward to applying my academic experience to collaborations with my peers and exploring some of the specialty areas of technology that I may be interested in for the future. One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is go hiking and I also picked up crocheting as a quarantine hobby!”


Alina Woods

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

University & Major: UC San Diego ‘22, Literature/Writing

Internship: Product Marketing Intern, Poshmark

“I am excited to take a deeper dive into marketing and get a real feel for what a possible career path in marketing could look like for me. A fun fact is I have a very healthy obsession with anything coconut: coconut perfume, coconut milk, coconut ice cream, etc. My friends call it a personality trait.


Congratulations to our fellows – we look forward to seeing all that you accomplish!

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