Innovators Accelerating Delivery of COVID-19 Solutions

We hope that you are and your loved ones are staying healthy and wish you the best as we collectively work to get to the other side of this crisis.

When we assembled as a gathering of innovators in January for the inaugural Mayfield-AWS Health Innovator Summit in what seems like a lifetime ago, we knew that accelerating healthcare innovation was critical to saving lives. The key takeaways of the event are summarized in this newly published eBook.

Over the last month, several leaders from this Innovator network have spearheaded inspiring response efforts on COVID-19.  Below is a short summary of some of the initiatives:

Our closing speaker James Madara, CEO @ American Medical Association was passionate in his assertion that doctors need to take a more active public role. We are glad that so many doctors have become leaders directing our nation’s response in this crisis and trusted sources for the public.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought unprecedented urgency to the role of healthcare leaders in keeping us safe and healthy. We salute the innovators and healthcare professionals who are working so hard today and deeply appreciate their contribution.

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