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Founding Voices: Through Thick and Thin

Through Thick and Thin

You’ve worked tirelessly to bring a great product to market. But the unfortunate reality is that excellence doesn’t protect you from circumstance. Eventually, every entrepreneur will encounter macro-level challenges that are far outside their control. In those moments, having a steadfast partner can make all the difference.


“Navin really, really, really—I don’t know how to emphasize this enough—cared about our employees. Looking back on 2020, it’s clear he was trying to do what was best for them all along the way.”

Co-founder & Former CEO, Nuvia

Good partners help you overcome obstacles. They offer strategic counsel, leverage their networks for leads, and guide you through difficult decisions. This is because, above all else, they are invested in your vision.

Ask potential partners about their experiences with similar companies and how they’ve navigated difficult times. Try to assess their principles, and their passion for not just the product, but the mission and ideas that undergird it. Answers here will help you understand if a given partnership is a good fit. While this is not a simple process, getting it right nets you a more enduring and resilient foundation upon which to build your company.

“We invest in people first, markets second,” says Navin Chaddha, Managing Director at Mayfield and longtime advisor to the Nuvia team. “Just because market conditions change doesn’t mean a good idea is suddenly bad. It’s a signal that you need to refocus, readjust and find a new opportunity to win.”

Navin Chaddha

Managing Partner

Enterprise, Consumer, Semiconductors

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