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Founding Voices: Know the Story Behind the Product

Know the Story Behind the Product

As a founder, you are undoubtedly close to your product. You have intimate knowledge of its benefits and its potential, and you believe it can deliver value, shake up the market and even change the world.

But outside observers will not have your depth and perspective. That’s why you must learn to articulate the value of your product and vision to a wide variety of audiences. For this reason, the best founders are good storytellers as well as strong leaders.


“You have to tell people why what you’re working on matters. It’s obvious to you as the founder—that’s easy. It’s about how you articulate that and tell people why it’s important—not just to you, but to the market—and how it’s going to help people.”

Co-founder, HashiCorp

Everyone who touches your product – your team, customers, investors, and partners – will look to you for a vision that inspires them and wins their support. And this narrative can’t be static, rather it must adapt to address the goals, outlooks and concerns of the different groups you address.

“Your message must be accessible and relatable to each audience, whether that’s end users, executive decision makers, or potential investors,” says Navin Chaddha, Managing Director at Mayfield. “This is how you convey why your product is so important and how it will change things. Work on this message. Hone it. Because a clear and compelling product narrative is how you spread your vision of the future.”

Navin Chaddha

Managing Director

Enterprise, Consumer, Semiconductors

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