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Expanding Our Team with Gamiel Gran, a World-Class Operations Executive for Portfolio Business Development

I’m excited to welcome Gamiel Gran, VP of Business Development, as the newest addition to our team.  Gamiel is a proven executive with over two decades of experience in operational roles leading strategy, business, and corporate development for IBM, Oracle, BEA and SOASTA and Sierra Ventures.  One of Gamiel’s signature contributions is the creation of the venture capital industry’s first CXO Advisory Board,  which brings together over 100 forward-thinking CIOs to discuss the most impactful technologies. Gamiel is an industry thought leader himself and a frequent speaker at events such as the Global CIO Summit, SVForum, and Forbes.

Gamiel shares our fundamental belief that access to and input from CXOs helps shape the trajectory of early-stage companies and accelerates their market growth.  With him leading the charge, we plan to expand the Mayfield CXO Network, with CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, CISOs from enterprise and consumer companies across global markets; publish a series of evidence-based insights from these leaders; deliver business development and go-to-market expertise to entrepreneurs; and host a series of thought leadership events as part of a broader “access to innovation” agenda.

Stay tuned for the first in our Mayfield Insights series in which we will share findings from a survey of CIOs.

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.


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