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Expanding our Team with Enterprise Leader Patrick Salyer

Today, we are excited to welcome our newest partner, Patrick Salyer, to the Mayfield team. Patrick is the former CEO of our portfolio company Gigya, customer identity and access management leader, which was acquired by SAP in 2017. He is the seventh member of our investing team, who joins us to continue delivering on our promise to be People-First investors, as we partner with bold entrepreneurs who are changing the way people live, work, and play.



The team at Mayfield is collaborative and focused, where every new member makes a significant impact toward the firm’s success. There are many reasons that make Patrick a perfect addition to our team:

  • As a first-time CEO who took the reins when he was 30 and built Gigya into a successful enterprise company, he brings a leadership playbook which can serve as a model for entrepreneurs;
  • His operational expertise includes successfully navigating multiple product pivots, establishing a new market category, scaling to more than 300 employees and more than 700 customers, and driving to a good financial outcome;
  • He has proven go-to-market expertise, having built global inside and field sales models, sold to Fortune 500 companies such as Nestle, GSK and Fox, and achieved high growth rates;

Most importantly, Patrick believes that being empathetic to the entrepreneur journey is key to the success of an investor, a belief that is shared by us at Mayfield.

Patrick joins our team as we celebrate our 50th year as a venture capital firm, during which time we have invested in more than 500 companies and been involved in 116 IPOs and more than 200 M&As. From Bob Swanson & Herbert Boyer as they pioneered the biotechnology industry in the 70s, through our current collaboration with Logan Green and John Zimmer of Lyft, who are disrupting transportation, we have been fortunate to partner with many gamechangers.


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