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Embrace the Future: Meet Your AI Teammates

Sketch graphic of the 5As of Cognition as a Service (woman with robot at a computer)

AI may not be coming for your job anytime soon, but it surely is coming to work alongside you.

Introducing your new teammates: Devin, the AI software engineer; Hippocratic, the AI healthcare worker; Outreach Kaia, the AI sales assistant; Evenup, the AI legal assistant; and Hawkeye, the AI ITOps engineer (founded by Goutham Rao and Vinod Jayaraman of NeuBird, a team of Mayfield repeat founders who debuted with $22 million in funding today).

Reflecting on conversations with 100s of entrepreneurs, we’re witnessing a shift from Automation to Augmentation. Artificial intelligence isn’t about replacing humans; it’s about augmenting intelligence. In this new era, AI liberates us to forge new relationships and adopt innovative behaviors.

Despite fears of AI replacing humans, I recall the discussion about offshoring two decades ago as the lead investor in Persistent Systems, India’s product engineering offshoring giant today. Then, as now, there were concerns about the impact of technology on humans. However, unlike the offshoring wave, I firmly believe AI teammates will not only boost productivity but also enhance, amplify, and elevate human capabilities.

Take Hawkeye, unveiled today by NeuBird. For example, an e-commerce company may notice that its website is performing poorly at populating shopping cart suggestions. Traditionally, this would require assembling a cross-functional team involving IT, web developers, and data analysts to investigate the issue, a process that can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Using NeuBird, the same company can simply ask, “Why is my website running slow?” and “How can I resolve that?” NeuBird’s Hawkeye will diagnose the issue, contextualize potential reasons for the problem, share steps needed to resolve it, and even write code to fix the issue. This frees ITOps engineers to assist more customers and tackle complex issues, showcasing the power of AI-human collaboration.

Welcome to the Era of AI Teammates. Together with humans, they automate tasks, accelerate productivity, augment capabilities, and amplify creativity, advancing humans to superhuman levels.

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