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Resilience Spotlights: Fireside Chat with Phil Fernandez

This week for our Resilience Spotlights series, we heard from Phil Fernandez, Co-founder and former CEO of Marketo, a Mayfield company. As a veteran entrepreneur who has led both in good times and challenging ones – Marketo was founded in 2006 – Phil has a lot of leadership and company building insights to share. Here are a few of his key takeaways as well as a recording of our fireside chat.

  1. Take care of your people – you need to lead with a heart.
  2. Values are what get you through tough times, so make sure your team is completely in alignment.
  3. Three metrics to be laser-focused on right now are churn rates, net dollar retention, and revenue per employee.
  4. It’s crucial for leaders to know when they have to make a decision – be aggressive and agile, not panicked.
  5. Resilient companies are those that focus on empathy and find the opportunities in challenges.

Originally published on LinkedIn

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