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Repeat Entrepreneurs Target the Growing Need for Cyber-Physical Security


Images of Ajay Jain and Vik Ghai with Vector Flow logo

We are excited to welcome Ajay Jain and Vik Ghai of Vector Flow, an innovative, data-driven, industry-first cyber-physical security platform, which helps secure people, places, assets and things. Ajay and Vik are successful entrepreneurs of Quantum Secure whom I met through other Mayfield founders. We are leading their $9.2M Series A financing.  

There are three reasons that I am excited about what Vector Flow is doing:

Cyber-physical security (CPS) is a big and critical problem

Gartner believes that liability for cyber-physical security incidents will pierce the corporate veil to personal liability for 75% of CEOs by 2024. They define CPSs as systems that are engineered to orchestrate sensing, computation, control, networking and analytics to interact with the physical world (including humans). They underpin all connected IT, operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) efforts where security considerations span both the cyber and physical worlds, such as asset-intensive, critical infrastructure, and clinical healthcare environments. Gartner predicts that the financial impact of CPS attacks resulting in fatal casualties will reach over $50 billion by 2023. Even without taking the actual value of a human life into the equation, the costs for organizations in terms of compensation, litigation, insurance, regulatory fines, and reputation loss will be significant. 

It is a category-defining product

Vector Flow is delivering the industry’s first AI-powered, data-driven physical & cyber-security automation platform that protects people, buildings, assets, and things. Their platform aggregates both structured and unstructured data from myriad systems, devices, logs, and journals, performs real-time analysis to detect anomalies, trends and KPIs, and provides actionable insights, automated remedies, and processes. Physical security is laden with silos of age-old applications and the proliferation of sensors and IoT devices everywhere. Rapid digital transformation, increased insider and cyber-attack risks, and a need for automation creates a unique and timely opportunity for Vector Flow. Data-driven intelligence and the ability to create and extend applications using the Vector Flow platform will move the industry into delivering better compliance for regulations and increasing the overall security posture of enterprises. At the base level, Vector Flow is streamlining – physical security operations, utilizing AI-powered data intelligence, to reduce the incidence of false alarms, perform device predictive maintenance, and KPI management. At the enterprise level, it is managing the risks emanating from identities and related physical accesses across the enterprise to create AI-driven physical workforce Identity Lifecycle Management discipline to reduce overall risks, insider threats and fostering strict compliance to regulations. On the cyber side, the Vector Flow platform protects from cyber-attacks on – IoT sensors, devices, applications and enforces better defense-in-depth discipline across the physical security infrastructure of the enterprises.   

The seasoned team has already flawlessly executed

Over the last six months, the team has deployed its product to several customers including a global telecommunications provider with over 450,000 identities for Physical workforce IAM; a global networking products company to reduce their false alarm counts by over 80%; and a pharma leader which has deployed the SOC automation product to use Vector Flow’s AI technology to predict the behavior and faults in IoT devices.

I look forward to the journey with Ajay, Vik and the team as we make the world a safer place for all.


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