Entrepreneur Story

The HashiCorp Journey: The Rise of a Cloud Powerhouse

A clear vision and sharp execution helped to turn the college dreams of Armon Dadgar and Mitchell Hashimoto into reality

September 1, 2020 – You can trace the origins of HashiCorp, maybe the most important multi-cloud infrastructure company of its generation, to a day in 2008 when Armon Dadgar decided to find “some other student” to do his drudgework for him.  Armon, who at the time was a computer science student at the University of Washington, was stuck with an impossible and inconsequential task in an otherwise fascinating research project to make the groundbreaking public cloud technologies being developed by Amazon, Microsoft, and other Seattle-based companies available to scientists. To get out of it, Armon followed up on the  bulk email sent by his advisor to interview scores of fellow CS undergrads in the hopes of finding someone to take the bait. Rather than ...

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