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Dancing with Giants: How Guru Pangal and CloudSimple Succeeded Among the Titans of Tech

March 18, 2020 – Most startup founders bang their heads over the challenge of product-market fit. How can they convince investors and potential customers that what they’ve built satisfies strong demand? Guru Pangal didn’t have that problem. But as the founder of the three-year-old CloudSimple, which provides dedicated clouds for enterprise applications, and which Google Cloud acquired this past November, he had plenty of other challenges. And none were small. A few years ago, Pangal was working at Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service. The tech giant had bought his prior startup, StorSimple, which provides cloud-integrated storage. “We were trying to bring all these traditional enterprises to the cloud,” says Pangal. “We would have these CIOs come in and say, ‘In the next two years ...

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