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CloudGenix: How A Mid-Career Bet On Entrepreneurship Turned Into Industry Defining Success

Kumar Ramachandran traded a cushy executive job for the uncertainty of startup life. His success helped create a new category in networking technology – and life lessons for his daughter

October 22, 2020 – As a mid-career executive when he arrived at the start-up game, Kumar Ramachandran had plenty to lose when he left Cisco Systems in 2013 to start CloudGenix.  Ramachandran was walking away from job security at one of America’s largest infrastructure companies and the relative comfort of leading a proven product development team. In exchange, he’d face prolonged uncertainty, the grind of startup life, and a level of personal sacrifice that could exact a toll on fatherhood.    “I didn’t want to become an absent parent for a number of years,” says Ramachandran, whose daughter, Ananya, was seven at the time. “That was my biggest fear.” Thanks to a gritty, no-excuses style – both as CEO and a parent – Ramachandran’s decision ...

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