We are catalysts for entrepreneurs.

Our Investment Team is diverse in terms of background, interests, and experience, but united by one idea: our devotion to entrepreneurs and desire to make an impact on the world. To us, respecting, nurturing, and supporting entrepreneurs so they can build great companies is our fundamental mandate as early-stage VCs. A big part of our success comes from this guiding principle.

We are an extension of your team. Most importantly, the entire Mayfield team champions you, not just the partner on your board. We have been in your shoes and apply our collective domain expertise and company-building experience. Our empathetic approach is to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Our partnership with you is relentless and tireless in effort and belief; as someone on the frontlines, you deserve nothing less.

We work hard to strike a balance between providing our expertise and active support, while not encumbering the entrepreneur unnecessarily or encroaching on their freedom. We think of this as “mentor capital.” Entrepreneurs we work with have seen great dividends and have welcomed our collaborative and team-based approach.

Our mission is to help you and your company succeed and have fun doing it!