$2.6 billion under management | Currently investing Mayfield Fund XIV: $365 million

Mayfield Fund’s approach to investing is simple: we invest in relationships, not transactions. We believe the relationships we build with our entrepreneurs, their teams, our partner institutions, and our community are essential to transform the investments we make today into the companies that will change the world tomorrow.

We invest early and globally in themes including mobile, cloud/Saas, social, energy and big data.  We invest in India-based companies through our Mayfield India fund and in China-based companies with our partner GSR Ventures.

Mayfield Fund’s 44-year track record of success includes over 530 investments with more than 110 IPOs and over 150 mergers and acquisitions.


Highlighted Investments


Software defined virtualized data center analytics


SaaS adtech brand analytics platform


Free SaaS social recruiting platform


Interactive doctor-patient mobile app & network


Mobile development platform company


Solar utility provider for consumers and businesses. NASDAQ: SCTY


SaaS Revenue performance management platform. NASDAQ: MKTO


SaaS social infrastructure platform (India)

India's leading online matrimony site (China)

China-based leading online travel search company

Alfresco Software

Cloud-based collaboration platform

Networking technology pioneer; went public in 1984

Leading provider of utility storage; went public in 2007; acquired by HP in September 2010

Pionnering banner ad network; acquired by CMGI in 1999

Online vertical community network; acquired by Monster Worldwide in 2008

Test configuration automation provider; acquired by VMware in 2006

Intelligent switching hub provider; acquired by FORE Systems in 1995, GEC/Marconi Communications in

Fortune 500 biotechnology pioneer; went public in 1983

Software to deliver online video and media at scale; acquired by Juniper Networks in April 2010

Pioneered the sequencing of the human genome

Analytical processing software platform; merged with Hyperion in 1998; acquired by Oracle in 2007

Interactive entertainment publisher; acquired by Infogrames in 2008

A leading maker of optical networking equipment. The company went public in 2000

A wrist-based health tracker and online personal dashboard. Acquired by Intel in 2014.

Voice application solutions. Acquired by Nuance in 2007

Leader in enterprise portal infrastructure. The company went public in 1996

The global leader in access infrastructure for the on-demand enterprise; went public in 1996

Portable computer pioneer, leader in PCs and servers; merged with Hewlett-Packard in 2002

Leading solution for travel and expense management; went public in 1998

Softswitch-compliant media servers; acquired by Radisys in 2006

Energy management services and solutions; acquired by Constellation Energy in September 2010

High-performance workgroup solutions for the desktop; acquired by Cisco Systems in 1993

High-performance integrated circuits for network equipment; went public in 1986

Leading biopharmaceutical company

Leading open-standard energy control networking company

One of the founding companies of the biotechnology industry; went public in 1980

Pioneered lightweight portable defibrillators; acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 1998

Biopharmaceutical company focused on immune system science innovation; acquired by Amgen in 2002

High-speed electronic components that optimize power, performance, and size

Global leader in the rapidly emerging field of robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery

Leader in wiki-based applications; acquired by Google in 2006

Provider of wafer fabrication equipment and services

Global provider of enterprise-class storage software solutions; acquired by EMC in 2003

Mobile provider of in-building access to voice and wireless data; acquired by ADC in 2007

Manufacturer of a line of high-performance integrated circuits; went public in 1986

Manufacturer of communications, consumer and storage semiconductors; went public in 1983

India's largest online travel company. IPO on NASDAQ in August 2010.

SaaS Revenue performance management platform. NASDAQ: MKTO

Internet community for the military; acquired by Monster Worldwide in 2004

Leading independent biopharmaceutical drug discovery company; went public in 1996

Next generation information management; acquired by Iron Mountain in February 2010

Designer of microprocessor architectures; went public in 1989, acquired by Silicon Graphics in 2000

SMS carrier interconnect and mobile applications; acquired by Sybase in 2006

Manufacturer of high-performance optical communications chips; acquired by Broadcom in 2000

Leader in speech software and applications, went public in 2000

Leading ebook company; acquired by Gemstar International Group in 2000

Enterprise mobile/voice applications; acquired by Cisco in 2006

Database archival software; acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2006

Wire-speed routing and Gigabit Ethernet solutions; acquired by Alcatel in 1999

Wide-area network acceleration solutions; acquired by Juniper in 2006

Diversified media for gay and lesbian customers and businesses

A leader in social media software solutions; acquired by Demand Media in 2008

Secure document delivery; acquired by Ironport in 2006 and subsequently by Cisco in 2007

News reading applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices; acquired by LinkedIn in 2013

Software to set up, manage and secure a home or small office network; acquired by Cisco in 2008

Software tool developer; acquired by Rational Software in 1996, which was acquired by IBM in 2002

Manufacturer of ultra-long-reach optical networking systems; acquired by Nortel Networks in 1999

Enterprise backup, recovery, and archiving

Office document software for smartphones; acquired by Google in 2012

Consumer local services marketplace; acquired by Home Depot in January 2012

Leading provider of broadband networking systems; went public in 1999

Developer of mobile computing software; acquired by Aether Systems in 2000

Graphics chip manufacturer; acquired in 2000 by SONICBlue

Global supplier of flash data storage card products; went public in 1995

Digital video communications solutions; acquired by Adobe in 2006

Leader in high-performance computing, visualization and storage; incubated at Mayfield in the 1980s

Photo slideshow creation and publishing application; acquired by Google in August 2010

Leading online photo web site; acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2005

Solar utility provider for consumers and businesses. NASDAQ: SCTY

Enterprise-class hybrid cloud storage appliance; acquired by Microsoft in 2012

Fault tolerant computing pioneer; acquired by Compaq/HP in 1997

Enterprise networking/communication products; acquired by Nortel in 2006

Leading independent business integration software provider; went public in 1999

Real-time in-memory database solution; acquired by Oracle in 2005

Provider of product data management solutions; acquired by IBM in 2004

Biotechnology company ; IPO in 1999; acquired by Amgen in 2004

Customer support software developer; acquired by Peoplesoft/Oracle in 1999

Online bookstore solutions for educational institutions

Life sciences technology company; acquired by Agilent Technology in 2007

Intelligent Imaging Solutions

Leading provider of enterprise application integration solutions; went public in 2000

Internet appliance provider; acquired by IBM in 1999

Leading smart 4G Packet Core product provider; acquired by Tellabs in December 2009

Mobile device management platform; acquired by Citrix in 2012