$2.6 billion under management | Currently investing Mayfield Fund XIV: $365 million

Mayfield Fund’s approach to investing is simple: we invest in relationships, not transactions. We believe the relationships we build with our entrepreneurs, their teams, our partner institutions, and our community are essential to transform the investments we make today into the companies that will change the world tomorrow.

We invest early and globally in themes including mobile, cloud/Saas, social, energy and big data.  We invest in India-based companies through our Mayfield India fund and in China-based companies with our partner GSR Ventures.

Mayfield Fund’s 44-year track record of success includes over 530 investments with more than 110 IPOs and over 150 mergers and acquisitions.


Highlighted Investments


Software defined virtualized data center analytics


SaaS adtech brand analytics platform


Free SaaS social recruiting platform


Interactive doctor-patient mobile app & network


Mobile development platform company


Solar utility provider for consumers and businesses. NASDAQ: SCTY


SaaS Revenue performance management platform. NASDAQ: MKTO


SaaS social infrastructure platform (India)

India's leading online matrimony site (China)

China-based leading online travel search company

Alfresco Software

Cloud-based collaboration platform

SaaS adtech intent-based search platform

Cloud-based marketing analytics company

Test configuration automation provider; acquired by VMware in 2006

Cloud-based collaboration platform

Software to deliver online video and media at scale; acquired by Juniper Networks in April 2010

Mobile development platform company

Voice application solutions. Acquired by Nuance in 2007

Adtech provider for broadband and on-demand television

Leader in enterprise portal infrastructure. The company went public in 1996

C9 The Revenue Forecasting Company

Unified Identity Services

The global leader in access infrastructure for the on-demand enterprise; went public in 1996

Software defined virtualized data center analytics

Hybrid cloud automation software

Leading solution for travel and expense management; went public in 1998

Data Science Powered Security Ops Center for Cloud Apps

Developer of private clouds

SaaS social infrastructure platform

Open platform for systems monitoring

Collaborative ridesharing service

SaaS Revenue performance management platform. NASDAQ: MKTO

SaaS adtech brand analytics platform

Content marketing and syndication platform

Leader in speech software and applications, went public in 2000

Wide-area network acceleration solutions; acquired by Juniper in 2006

SaaS adtech real-time trading network

SaaS field service management solutions

Free SaaS social recruiting platform

Enterprise-class hybrid cloud storage appliance; acquired by Microsoft in 2012

Software defined object storage solution

Crowdsourced technology review service

SaaS adtech social media analytics platform

Leading provider of enterprise application integration solutions; went public in 2000

Cloud-based security intelligence solutions

SaaS adtech platform for media companies

Mobile device management platform; acquired by Citrix in 2012