Changing the Business Model Catapulted the Business

Jeff Revoy CEO

Over 25,000 brands and agencies – including top names like Yamaha, Transamerica, and TED Talks – use Viralheat.  Viralheat’s advanced social media management suite provides businesses with one tool to prove social ROI and successfully manage their entire social presence across marketing, sales, and support.

Viralheat’s current enterprise business model has completely evolved from our origins as a freemium social analytics tool.  Viralheat launched in 2011 as a tool that primarily offered social management features like publishing, engagement, monitoring, and analytics.  But we soon realized that our technology provided powerful data-backed analytics and integrations designed for enterprise businesses and not the free or SMB audience the pricing model served.

So we made some a couple major changes – the first being the hire of CEO Jeff Revoy in late 2013, a decision encouraged by our Mayfield partner Rajeev Batra.  Within a week, Jeff ignited the second major change with the executive decision to nix all pricing plans in favor of introducing the enterprise model.  Jeff helped cement what we already knew – we had an enterprise-grade product and should therefore be selling into the enterprise market.

The market reacted positively to Viralheat’s move into the enterprise space.  Since launching the Viralheat Enterprise Edition in late 2013, we have grown our customer base over 600 percent with revenue now registering in the several millions.