A Business Model Pivot that Worked

Patrick Salyer CEO Gigya

Today, more than 700 companies—including world-class brands like Pepsi, Verizon, and ABC—are customers of Gigya.  Gigya’s Connected Consumer Management Suite helps them understand today’s mobile, socially connected consumers more intimately and to connect with them more effectively.

But for us at Gigya, getting to this market-leading position required a massive change to our original business model. Five years ago, we had built a technology that we knew filled an important gap in the market. But our advertising-based pricing model wasn’t generating the kind of traction we wanted.

So we decided to change our business model to a SaaS-based pricing model, thanks in no small part to our Mayfield partner, Navin Chaddha. He helped us come to the realization that delivering our platform on a SaaS basis improved efficiency and scalability—and it was reassuring in terms of product value to our customers.

The market has responded extremely favorably to this change in our strategic direction. Since making that decision five years ago, we’ve experienced compound annual growth of more than 100%.