We invest in two technology sectors:
enterprise and consumer.

We are early-stage venture investors and cast a fairly wide net in two sectors: technology companies serving the needs of enterprises and those serving the needs of consumers.

Rather than picking very specific thesis areas we are driven by broader trends. Cloud/SaaS, Mobile, Big Data, and Social are important technology platforms for enterprise. Today, we invest in areas including applications, infrastructure, platforms, components, and services in IT, mobile, wireless, and energytech.

Mobile, Social and Big Data are the platforms for consumer-facing Internet businesses and devices. Today, we invest in areas such as the Internet of Things, consumerized health & wellness, crowdsourcing, collaborative consumption, mobile-first service and product marketplaces, vertical communities, and enabling platforms and services.

The best way to understand themes we are investing in is to look at our portfolio companies.

Geographically, Mayfield’s primary focus is on U.S-based companies, as well as India (through our dedicated India fund), and China, directly and through our Chinese partner (GSR Ventures).