Invest in relationships—not transactions.

Since 1969, Mayfield has championed bold entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas.

Over 47 years, we have partnered with people who see the world differently, are brave and have the skills and potential to become great leaders. These people don’t just build great products but they also assemble great teams, and can create iconic companies. These are the leaders who just might change the world.

When these rare individuals choose to work with us, we dedicate ourselves as a whole partnership to them. We are big believers in teamwork and leveraging our collective resources and know-how to help entrepreneurs maximize the odds of their success. Individuals at Mayfield only form the fabric; our ability to work together for an entrepreneur is where our true potential is realized.

We are former entrepreneurs and executives and have been in the shoes of those we back. We believe that entrepreneurs who “risk it all,” deserve a level of commitment, dedication, and an always-on level of service that is unwavering. For us it is not a job, it is our way of life.

Mayfield pursues a global strategy with a focus on US, India , and China. In the US, we focus on early-stage venture investments. We focus on technology and non-technology investments in India-based companies. We invest in China-based companies directly and alongside our partner, GSR Ventures, a firm we helped start in 2005.

Since 1969, Mayfield has invested in more than 520 companies, resulting in 114 IPOs and more than 160 mergers and acquisitions. We have over $2.7 billion under management and are currently investing Mayfield XV, which is focused on early-stage venture investments in the United States, and Mayfield India II, which is focused on technology and non-technology investments in India-based companies.